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Upton Upon Severn CofE (VC) Primary and Pre-School home page

Upton Upon Severn CofE (VC)
Primary and Pre-School

Class 3 (Lower KS2)

As we move into Key Stage Two, the children’s maturity enables them to become more independent, inquisitive learners and build upon the skills they have gained so far. Given this independence, class three have written their own poem about what you may see if you come and visit their classroom. 



What it means to be in Class Three? Come look, and you’ll see.

Children at work, at talk and at play
Thinking for themselves and about what they say.

Looking after each other and offering support,
Being ready to learn whatever they ought.

To be in class three means to belong,
To work hard in each subject: be it Grammar or song.




As a good friend we are going to be aware of boundaries set and behavioural expectations in school



We benefit from a diverse indoor and outdoor play area of our own, as well as the school play areas and sports field



We learn about being a good communicator, a healthy person and to develop our understanding of the world around us