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Upton Upon Severn CofE (VC)
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Riverboats Children's Centre


It is managed under the direction of the school and we work with the health visitors, midwives and the National Childbirth Trust to support the services we can offer to families with young children.

Aims of the Children’s Centre.

To deliver the DfE core purpose to reduce inequalities in child development and school readiness supported by improved:

  • Parenting aspirations, self-esteem and parenting skills
  • Child and family health and life chances


This can be achieved by:

  • Enabling parents and carers to support the physical, intellectual and social development needs of children under five so that the children will flourish
  • Providing support for parents, carers and children by working with early education, health and family support services
  • Providing services that respond to the needs of the parents, carers and children in our local area.
  • All parents, carers and children are welcomed
  • Professionals, parents, carers and children show mutual respect for one another
  • Services will be provided that strive to meet the actual needs of parents, carers and children

TUESDAY TODDLER GROUP (click link at bottom of page for further information)


The Riverboats Early Years Language Centre (RIVEYLC) is based in the River Room of the Riverboats Children's Centre, Upton upon Severn.


In the River Room, we provide a language rich environment to enable your child to build on their existing skills and gain both independence and confidence in a small structured, caring and nurturing group. Children are encouraged to engage and explore through a balance of child led, supported play and adult led 'individualised' focus activities. These take place in both our indoor and outdoor learning areas and are based round children’s current Speech and Language (SALT) targets.


Each child is supported daily through a variety of small group and 1:1 learning experiences, including working regularly with a speech and Language therapist or assistant. Your child will be encouraged to build friendships and socialise during their learning where adults act as key role models in a warm and positive manner. Children will also be supported to follow our daily routine taking part in daily whole class circle times, focus group time ,tidy up time and snack times.


We all work on the golden rules of 'kind hands, feet and words' through looking after each other and ourselves, which is embedded in all we do.



The premises are also available to our families or organisations that support the ethos for lettings.  Further information is available from the school office.